Park Road Haverhill

Suffolk, CB9 7YD


Indicative Layout Plan

Opportunities and Constraints

LSH Urban Design has prepared an opportunities and constraints plan and an indicative layout plan which shows the potential of this site.

The site has two vehicular existing access/egress points from Park Road. There is the potential to create additional pedestrian links to the site. The site is surrounded by greenery with hedgerows and mature trees making it well-contained.

Source: LSH Urban Design

Indicative Layout Plan

An indicative layout has been informed by the site context and analysis, planning policy, title plans, topographical and tree surveys. The aim is to deliver scheme that seeks to address a block structure that creates an active frontage to the street and to respect the surrounding buildings in regard to scale, height, form and massing. Wherever possible windows overlook open spaces. The illustrative layout will be able to meet the parking requirements for private/visitor cars and cycles as set out in policy. The plan provides for 100 residential units. Open space on the indicative plan equates to 1.04 hectares (2.6 acres).


Source: LSH Urban Design

Accommodation Schedule

A full report including the indicative layout plan and below accommodation schedule is available to download in the Data Room.